Future Fiction Theatre 2099
Improv Comedy Fan Fiction from the Future... Today!

Planet of the Apes

You'll go ape for this one! Haha!

Remember Earth, that one planet? Yeah, well. That's a whole story. But also, it turns out there's ANOTHER planet called the Planet of the Apes (apes live there). And wow, are things crazy on THAT planet. There's all these apes, and their paws stink and they hate it. Explore this planet if you dare...

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The Simpsons

Mmm... podcast... D'oh!

The Lion King

Hakuna Ma-whaaaa?!

The Amazing Spider-Man

With great power comes great... partying! Haha!

Donkey Kong Country

No Donkey Kong Country For Old Men... heh.

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived... It Up! lmao


A show about nothing... normal! (lol)

The X-Files

The truth is out... of control! LOL